What You Should Know Before Accepting Bribes

by ryan on February 8, 2017


What You Should Know Before Accepting Bribes


In almost every society, bribery laws are put in place to avoid public corruption. In order for a functioning society, it is necessary to have officials that can’t be swayed by monetary initiative. Although there are laws put in place, the news of officials accepting bribes all over the world is numerous. Defined as implying or giving gifts of money or the equivalent to any public official or person in places of power, accepting bribes is almost always penalized by that person losing their position and paying hefty fines. Many individuals who have been charged with bribery have also been known to serve long periods of jail time.

Put in place to protect the individuals that the public officials have been chosen to represent, bribery laws give stiff penalties to both the person giving and receiving the bribe. Taking many forms, bribes can range from giving money to sway a public vote or giving a police officer money in order to avoid a citation. Every case of this, large or small is wildly illegal and harshly punished. Although there are some gray areas in bribery laws such as campaign contributions in the United States, stipulations have also been put on these in order to avoid corruption in the government. Other types of bribery include kickbacks or profits made by agents of employees without the knowledge of the organization.

Accepting bribes has always been illegal, but for some reason, increased activity in this area has caused officials to hire more prosecutors and increase the penalty for the crime. It’s also important to remember that new technology has made it even easier to bribe and find loopholes around the law. These are also being addressed in the realm of common law, and steps are being made to regulate bribes accepted via the Internet, and other mediums that have recently developed.

In the realm of government, accepting bribes is one of two crimes (treason being the other) that results in impeachment in the United States Constitution. The President, Vice President, and all United States officials are subject to this type of punishment, and many individuals over the years have been convicted

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