SMART Goal Template

by ryan on December 13, 2017


Example SMART Goal


Goal: Achieve my sales quota Target Date*112/23/2018
Specifically:  On 12/23/2018 (in 12 months) I’ll have sold $2,000,000 of product to new and existing customers.  My quarterly sales target is $500K.

  • Track the number of  leads with a target of 25 new leads per month, strive to qualify each new lead within 1 week.
  • Track the number of prospects with a target of 5 new prospects per month, strive to close each qualified prospect within 3 weeks.
  • Track the number of sales with a target of 5 per quarter.
  • Track the cumulative sales with a target of $500K per quarter.

  • First priority: ensure existing customers are happy with products and services;  stay in touch with them to understand and fulfill additional product/service needs as they arise.
  • Second priorities:  work with prospects (Pipeline) to make sure they have the information they need,  and  minimize obstacles and delays in closing new business.
  • Third priority:  generate and qualify new leads (Funnel) by advertising in  industry journals, attending  trade shows and trade group association functions, etc.
  • I will share my goals and action plan with my manager and update him/her monthly on my progress.
  • I will network with colleagues, friends, etc.  as appropriate to learn more about prospective leads and customers.

  • Create positive relationships with satisfied customers; furthermore, they will provide testimonials and refer me to new customers and be a source of additional sales.
  • That I earn a good living for myself and my family.
  • By achieving quota, I earn recognition and opportunities to advance in the company.
Target Date and Reason*1:
The target date is to achieve my goal is 12/23/2013; this is the sales quota period per company policy.I also have intermediate goals each month and quarter for metrics I am using to track progress.
Importance  Reason*2(High, Medium, Low)
High – To earn a living, and achieve a promotion within the company (another potential SMART goal!).
Effort Explanation*3:  (Easy, Intermediate, Difficult)
Difficult – I am in a very competitive market with an aggressive sales target.
Obstacles and How to Overcome:

  • Not enough qualified leads.  Mitigate by engaging marketing to run appropriate advertising, help with trade show support, etc.
  • Tough competition. Mitigate by understanding customers’ needs and providing superior solutions that provide exceptional value.  Help the customer communicate that value throughout his/her organization.
  • Prospect Distrust – Mitigate by: 1) providing customer testimonials ; 2) taking steps to remove the customer’s risk of loss.  For instance, offer a trial period or money back guarantee.



Hopefully this example will help you through the process of defining your own SMART Goals. My Documents BlogHow to Define SMART Goals with more information about achieving success with SMART Goals.

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