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by ryan on December 13, 2017


Set goals to take control With Templates and Sheets


People set goals to put purpose and control in their lives, to organize their thoughts and actions, and to focus on what is important to them. Pursuing goals allows you to make decisions that are aligned with your priorities. Your goals provide you the motivation to utilize your time and efforts day by day doing what is important to you over the short and long term.


Writing down your goals and planning how to achieve them will make you more productive; you will accomplish more. You’ll realize a growing sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as you accomplish each successive goal.

Set goals to be successful

People set goals to become successful. Furthermore, using the methods provided, you will measure success based on your own criteria, gaining fulfillment in your life in a way that is most meaningful to you and what you hold dear.

To form an analogy, when you plan a vacation, you think about activities you would enjoy, for example: go skiing, go to a theme park or enjoy relaxing on the beach in a warm climate.

With that in mind, you pick a destination and a date taking into consideration your time off, how much you have to spend, and so forth. Then you make specific travel plans: determine the route for your road trip or make an airline reservation, you book a hotel and perhaps do some comparison shopping looking for the best deals,;

and then you pack the things you want to bring along. You do these things so you can get the most enjoyment from your time and money spent on vacation. You set the goal to have an enjoyable vacation, then you formulate a plan to achieve that.

Write and share your goals for greater success


Research shows that setting goals leads to greater success. Writing down goals and developing an action plan increases your effectiveness and ability to achieve them. Dr. Gail Matthews, professor of psychology at Dominican University, conducted a study(1) to determine how the achievement of goals is influenced by writing them down. The results are summarized in the figure below, Mean Goal Achievement.

Graph of Mean Goal Achievement


(1)Matthews, Gail. “Goals Research Summary”, Dominican University of California

As you can see from the graph, people who write their goals accomplish more than those who don’t. Furthermore, those who share their goals with a friend achieve even more, and those who provide progress reports achieve the most.

Goal setting summary

Setting and achieving goals will make you successful. The purpose of this site is to provide suggestions for defining your goals within your own framework of guiding principles of success so you apply your time and efforts in ways that are meaningful to you.

My Documents Blog, How to Define SMART Goals, provides more information to help you get started on defining your goals to achieve success.

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