School Attendance Sheet

by ryan on November 8, 2016


School Attendance Sheet Template PDFs


Maintaining School Attendance Sheet is a common practice to keep daily record of students. Every class teacher is responsible to record attendance of students. Special attendance register is maintained having sheets with rows and columns including following components:

Teacher’s Name
Teacher Signature
Principal Signature
Checker Remarks
Sheet with student’s names


Columns for total attended, absentees and percentage attendance of each student

People use pre-designed School Attendance Sheets but can design their own as well. Here we are providing you with ready to use School Attendance Sheet with all components. This School Attendance Sheet is totally customizable. You can feel free to add more columns or change content in its rows or columns.

Add your school logo and start entering your information in it. To make a complete attendance register, you can change color of each page. If number of students extends than the rows given in this School Attendance Sheet, you can use next page by entering names of remaining students.

You can download this template by a single click on the Download Button at the bottom. This School Attendance Sheet is designed in MS Word 2007.







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