Goal Planning Basics

by ryan on January 2, 2018


Goal Planning Basics


5 Key Steps to Get You Started

What comes after deciding to put a goal planning program to work for you? To bring your goals and dreams to life — whether professional, personal or both you must:

• understand how to set goals, and

• carefully follow the steps involved in setting and achieving your goals.

All self improvement plans follow the same general path which has five general steps.

Step 1: Have a clear vision of what you want.

Goal planning begins with acknowledging your goals and dreams. This is sometimes a bit harder than it sounds because it means admitting to yourself what outcomes are most important to you.

The art to developing a comprehensive vision that is useful for goal setting involves avoiding the tendency to think small. Self-editing is a huge barrier to achievement — you can’t achieve a goal you won’t acknowledge.

Reaching goals means, first, learning to create a detailed vision of exactly what outcome you’re looking for.

Step 2: Set your goals.

Once you know what you want you need to convert that desire to an appropriate goal. Setting life goals, setting career goals, setting personal goals, even financial goal setting all benefit from good technique. Learn how to set goals and you’ll wind up with goals that lead to personal and professional success.

Step 3: Take Action

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the mere fact of setting goals brought the results you wanted? By stating exactly what you want to achieve goals get you started. Once you have set your goals you can see clearly what you need to do to achieve them.

Goal setting information is crucial for planning and keeping momentum. But to get results you need to take action that is targeted at the goal you’ve set. Reaching goals means actually doing the work.

Step 4: Stay in the Game

Taking goal-oriented action is essential but it isn’t the last step on the path of achieving goals. For goal planning to work you need to keep taking action even when you encounter setbacks.

Count on it. Plenty of things will pop up to stand between you and achieving what you want. The way to achieve your goals is to keep going anyway in spite of these obstacles. Persistent effort is as important as action in getting what you want.

Your self improvement plan, or whatever is the target of your goals, will work if you work on it consistently.

Step 5: Recognize Success and Regroup

So far, the goal planning process looks like this:

From vision comes a goal.

Having a goal leads to action.

Taking action generates persistence.

Determination and persistence yield RESULTS.

Is that the end? Of course not. When you’ve diligently taken steps to get what you wanted you start over again. Take some time to regroup and ask what else you want, what is the next goal. As your vision becomes clear write a new goal. And create a program that takes you through all the steps above to bring it to life, too.
In fact, that’s the amazing power of goals — they create a cycle that works continually to bring you closer to achieving your goals and dreams — all the time.

Ready to get started?

Follow these tips on setting goals to hit the ground running setting and achieving the goals you really want.

Or get started with Personal Goal Setting and start reaping the benefits of goal setting in your life starting today.


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