Blue Goal Setting Exercise

by ryan on December 20, 2017


Goal Setting Exercise: Blue Sky Thinking


An exercise to open your mind as wide as possible to different options.

The question:

What are your goals?

Goal Setting Exercise:

Imagine that all things are possible. You are looking at a clear blue sky with no limits. Whatever resources you might need are available to you. Now look ahead. What do you see happening? What do you hope to see happening?


What does a blue sky have to do with goal setting?

Take a minute to get a real mental picture of a clear blue sky. It’s really an amazing thing. There is an incredible sameness about it as it stretches from one direction to another with no boundaries and no obstructions.

And yet this simple picture is very rich in detail. When you think about it:

  • a blue sky is limitless—it goes on endlessly in all directions even further than the eye can see.
  • a blue sky offers hope and possibility – A blue sky is full of light, which conveys optimism.

These features offer unique support to getting started with goal setting, specifically, in the task of envisioning goals.

Make your reflection limitless – think as big as you possibly can. Put everything on the table. In the same way that every single tiny, tiny piece of the universe is ultimately contained in that blue sky your blue sky thinking can proceed in every direction and all directions. Exclude nothing.

Let your thinking be obstacle free. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and there isn’t even one single barrier to the possibilities before you. For purposes of this reflection you absolutely can have it all. This impacts your vision in two ways. You must ruthlessly scrub from your thoughts any hint that there are barriers to what can happen.

Assume that you have absolutely every single resource that you could possibly need: you have time, talent, friends, contacts, abilities, relationships, money, creativity, support, enthusiasm, everything.

With that, what is before you?

The lacks of obstacles also means you must approach your visioning task without preconceptions. An empty sky doesn’t start with a few filler clouds n fixed positions. It is just there. Similarly, you don’t want to clutter your vision with limiting beliefs and assumptions. As you do this exercise you truly start from zero.

Let the sense of possibility of the blue sky energize your reflection. Feel the brightness and optimism a blue sky offers. Let it inspire you to see clearly ahead with a sense of hope.

What do you see?


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